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MID-POE Power Over Ethernet Transformers
MID-POE Power Over Ethernet Transformers

New MID-POE Power PoE++ Transformers with Output Power up to 95 W Released for Flyback/Active Clamp Forward Power Supplies

As a response to meet the rising need for demand for more power in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices due to advancement in smart and IoT applications, Würth Elektronik has come up with new ten new PoE++ transform
12-0-12 Centre Tapped Transformer
12-0-12 Centre tapped transformer

12-0-12 Center Tapped Transformer

Transformer Terminal Description No: Terminal Name Description 1
BC107 Transistor
BC107 Transistor

BC107 NPN Transistor

The BC107 is a small single NPN Transistor available in TO-18 metal can package. These transistors are age old and have been used in low noise and low signal designs.